spring clean up 2

Getting the fallen leaves cleaned up and out of the grass is critical to the overall quality of your turf.  It is equally important to make sure that your beds are kept clean.  Turf and ornamental plants fail to thrive when they are covered with leaves and debris.  Leaves begin to decompose after some time, and that is when the problems start.  Fungus begins to develop, air flow decreases, and light fails to penetrate the blanket of leaves.  Once fall arrives, we put mulching kits on our mowers and blow heavy leaves out of beds and into the turf when we mow.  This process keeps your landscape looking tidy throughout the fall season, and all those free mulched up leaves provide a great benefit to your turf!  It is important to do a thorough clean up of beds and turf in the spring and fall, and also to deadhead perennials as needed throughout the growing season.


spring clean up   fall leaves